Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Wall Glazing, Stenciling, and Faux Wall Painting - Decorative Wall Painting

Wall Glazing, Stenciling, And Faux Wall Painting For The Home
by: Tammy Comino - Professional Interior Designs

More than ever before, decorative painting is "in." Decorative painting includes techniques such as wall glazing, stenciling, and faux painting. The term faux, which is a French word for false and pronounced like "foe," is sometimes misused by incorporating all these finishes. A true faux finish is done with paint to make the surface appear as something else such as marble, granite, or plaster. With the right combination of colors, wall glazing (demonstrated in these photos) gives the walls depth and movement. The effect on mood is dramatic, especially in a dining room, where lively conversation is a must.

A balanced color combination is essential to a sophisticated wall finish. Before attempting this as a "do-it-yourself" project, consider the time it takes to assemble the right colors, glazes, tools, and to practice the technique. An experienced professional with an eye for color and a practiced artistic touch can save you time, money, and a lot of frustration! For help in finding just the right wall finish for your room, contact the professionals at TComino Designs today.

Our painter still has a few openings available before Christmas, but her schedule is filling quickly, so please hurry to set up your color consultation.

Contact Tammy Comino today.
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